Language setting

If you set the language during the installation to English, it still opens the programme in German. Can be easily reset in the settings tab though.


  • CarloCarlo Betatester
    Non riesco a scarica il programma. E poi come faccio per cambiare la lingua? C'è anche l'italiano?
  • CarloCarlo Betatester
    Carlo schrieb:

    Non riesco proprio a scaricare il programma. Non capisco quale sia il link per scaricarlo. Il tedesco proprio non lo capisco e l'inglese poco. Se potete inserire l'italiano Vi ringrazio molto. Cordiali saluti e buona giornata.

  • mdonathmdonath Developer
    bearbeitet February 2015
    Italian language will be comming soon (translation is in progress). You can change the language in the settings of mytuning utilities.

    We will check to set the default language from the installer. Thanks.
  • mligormligor Developer
    In Beta4 there are now DE, EN, IT, ES, NL and FR available. Still some few places are not translated. Any suggestions/corrections be free to post in board.

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